2019 Revolution


Well 2019 is here and the Resolution word has been thrown around alot !  But does it really mean anything unless you put something into action ?  At the end of the day a Resolution is just “a firm decision to do or not to do something”  and that isn’t action.

I prefer to put in place some 2019 Revolutions or “a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation”

My list of Revolutions for 2019 include but are not limited too the following. Noting that it is okay to have a Revolution on any day of the year and not wait for Jan 2020 to make the next lot.

  •  Remove myself from toxic situations and people.  While sometimes we can’t always avoid certain situations we do have the ability to put some boundaries around how we allow people to treat us.  It is okay to say NO and it is okay to let people know how you expect to be treated.  Setting these boundaries is not being a nasty person, its about respecting yourself and setting your standards high because you are deserving.  What 2018 taught me is if people or situations are negatively affecting your physical or mental health then sometimes you need to walk away even if it means losing something that you once enjoyed.  In practice for me this meant leaving a job I have loved for 6 years and taking a big leap of faith to invest in my gym and fitness business because deep down this is what I love doing and what fulfils my passion is helping others.
  •  One of my fitness goals for 2019 is to qualify for the Triathlon ITU World Championships.  While I am a personal trainer who know the fundamentals of training I also understand the importance of specialised training and being accountable.  So in order for me to practice what I preach I have enlisted Des Gooda of Tweed Coast Multisport to prepare my program and training requirements.  My suggestion to anyone who chose improve fitness as one of their 2019 resolutions would be to enlist the support and expertise of someone who can both support and motivate you.  It is very important to chose someone whose values align with your own and who understands your personal needs.  There is no one hat fits all solution for fitness and every client should be treated like an individual especially in a group training situation.   Going to your gym or bootcamp should be something you look forward to.  If you dread going because you feel inadequate, not fit enough or not supported in your own personal needs then you are going to quit eventually and a bad experience can reinforce any negative beliefs you have about yourself.  So when looking for a gym, bootcamp or personal training remember you are hiring them so you get to interview them and choose whether they are right for YOU !  Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
  • My health goals are a bit varied and include getting more sleep, drinking less coffee and regular meditation.   Sleep is so important for muscle recovery, emotional well-being and overall physical health.  However we are all individuals and we need to work out what amount of sleep is best for us.  So while 6 to 8 hours is considered the best for the average adult (9 for teenagers) it is important to be aware of how our body is feeling.  If you start feeling drowsy during the day, emotional and moody or not refreshed in the morning chances are you are not sleeping well or enough.  Like all things if these feelings continue please see a medical specialised and don’t rely on Dr Google !  For the past 12 mths I have been averaging 5 to 6 hours which for me is okay for short periods but definitely not enough over time and since I get up at 4am my specific goal is to start getting ready for bed at 9pm.  Does anyone else say they are going to bed at 9pm and then find a million things you needed to get done before you go to bed ?? Oh and I am a huge fan of the power nap at any time during the day except of course while at work.  20min of snooze or just resting my eyes can provide hours of actual productive work afterwards.
  • My second health goal is drinking less coffee !  Yes I am a certified coffee snob and currently drink about 3 cups a day.  While most of my coffee is consumed before 10am I have recently noticed feeling dehydrated and a bit nauseous (Especially when I go for the 2nd cup directly after the first )  My current lack of sleep probably affects my coffee craving but I have also developed a habit of social coffee drinking. As I have a rather addictive personality I often have a long inner dialogue with myself when debating the second coffee.  This is where I find writing down a list of the coffee positives Vs the coffee negatives helps because over time I can subconsiously reinforce the positve reasons making it the first choice.   When it comes to changing your thought patterns writing lists is so beneficial.  The act of writing stuff down automatically makes you accountable and some scientific research has also found that it boosts memory and the ability to retain and understand concepts.
  • My third health goal is meditation.  Meditation is my nemesis, something I know is highly beneficial for me but that which I struggle so hard to do.   I have what can be referred to as monkey mind where I am constantly in the middle of what seems like 1 million different thoughts.  Granted I lead a pretty busy life full of various and contrasting activities so I am always going to have a busy schedule in my head but sometimes it all gets way to overwhelming and creates anxiety and at the very worst depression.  And this is why I have chosen meditation as one of my 2019 Revolutions.  It certainly isn’t the first time I have put mediatation as a goal and in fact it has probably been an unachieved goal about 10 years running. So how is this year different ?  Well firstly I have scheduled 15 min every morning to meditate and purchased a book One Breath Mediation by Damien Rider which includes training on how to mediatate using the breath for a short period of time.  And to be truthfully honest while putting aside an hour a day to mediate could be my priority I know that I would get super bored and then give it away entirely like all those other times.  I don’t aspire to gain enlightment or a completely calm personality, I just want to have the skills to quieten my mind when I need too.

So that’s some of my Revolutions for 2019 but I intend to add others, tweek these ones or completely change my mind if these no longer serve me.   My advice to anyone setting out on the 2019 resolution train is to firstly make them achievable.  Small steps lead to longer destinations.  Make yourself accountable by sharing your 2019 goals with a friend or share it with the world in a blog.  If the goal is super important to you then do make sure you share it with people who will support you and stay away from negative people who don’t have your best interest at heart.  And mostly importantly remember that the smallest action is way more life changing than the biggest idea so don’t wait until the perfect time to start ….. just start your REVOLUTION now !

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