“Putting The Fun Back Into Fitness”

Epic Pro Fitness is a supportive community that uses fitness and mindset to overcome physical and emotional challenges in life.  We do this through a balanced and realistic approach that enriches lives and enables clients to sustain long term healthy lifestyles.

We are a NSW COVID-19 Safe Facility with small group classes sizes to ensure your safety.

Although I have played sport and participated in exercise most of my life I have only recently been involved in the fitness industry obtaining my Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) 2014, my Cert III & IV in Fitness 2016 and opening my gym Epic Pro Fitness in 2017.  I see a need in the fitness industry to be more inclusive of people of all shapes and sizes and to encourage activity no matter how small in order for people to start embracing a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t advocate any particular fad diets or extreme fitness trends but rather try to promote scientific and researched fitness advice.  I acknowledge that every client is different and there is no one hat fits all solution for everybody.

I look forward to sharing your journey and inspiring people to start living the healthy and happy life they deserve.  Please sign up for my latest blogs and information.

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