Oxygen Cover Girl Comp 2018

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered this competition.  It was difficult for me to ask people to support me and even more embarrassing when friends gave me compliments but this was all part of my challenge.  While I didn’t make the top 10 finalists I was extremely humbled to be selected out of 300 applications to be a semi finalist and have a feature in the magazine.  The following is what I submitted as part of my application and why I want to inspire others to step out of that comfort zone….

I am 49 years young and have been a PT for 2 years with a passion for encouraging women to be happy regardless of body shape, age, wrinkles or weight.  I want everyone to embrace a balanced healthy lifestyle and be the happiest version of themselves possible.  I am a full time single mum who got sober 9 years ago and now have my own gym business, while working part time as a Manager. In my spare time I compete in triathlons, running, and Surf Life Saving  including Coolangatta Gold.  I am an active Surf Life Saver and love everything associated with a beach lifestyle.  I struggle sometimes with mental health but use this as an opportunity to help others by being upfront and honest about my own experiences.  I am a big kid at heart and couldn’t live without Coffee and Chocolate.  Not sure what I want to be when I grow up but I do want to write a book and inspire people to take risks and to believe in themselves and I am entering this competition hoping to achieve this goal.

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