Workshop I’m Middle Aged, What Should I eat? Nutrition Secrets to be your healthiest YOU




Introducing Christine Envall, Founder of Middle Age Muscle, Educator, Creator and 3x World Champion Athlete.

For over 30 years she has provided nutritional solutions, tips and strategies to tens of thousands of fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts around the globe.

By using this experience in nutrition and mindset she is inspiring the wonderful middle aged to embark on their own vitality journeys.

Topics will include

1. Improve your relationship with food

2. Understand the many roles food plays in your life and how to make it your friend

3. Nutrition 101 – Know your macros – protein, fats, carbs, fibre & alcohol

4. There is no such thing as an unhealthy food, just an unhealthy diet

5. Optimising portion size V frequency

6. How to eat for energy and still lose fat


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