1. Omg this blog is amazingly true.. actually I feel that you are writing about me..!!! I have certainly lost my mojo.. from being so physically fit to… well so unfit.. thanks for the nudge.. I think for me the lesson here is start slow… again… but yea just start.. regain my strength. Thanks again for your words.✌

    1. Hey Julie, so glad reading this gave you the little nudge you needed. Always remember there is no finish line for your fitness so it doesn’t matter how long it takes but doing a little bit and consistently will have you back feeling fit before you know it 🙂 If it helps today at Parkrun this morning it was my worst time for the year (even walked about 5 times ) and it was soooooo hard given my lack of everything this week BUT I feel so much better because I did it and thats the reward. Have an awesome weekend

  2. Thank you Caroline. You really hit the spot with your helpful and motivating blogs. I am often ‘that person’ and guiding me gently to just do a bit today and a bit more tomorrow is perfect. Your very wise and very realistic. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and personal experiences with us all. Heading out for a winter walk now in freezing Sydney…….:)

    1. Thanks Stacey hope you enjoyed your walk ! As I always say anything is better than nothing and over time all those little activities soon add up. xxx