Epic 6 week KickStart

Getting started or finding a supportive community is often the hardest part of kickstarting any healthy lifestyle change

Are you frustrated that you are working out and eating “healthy” food but not seeing any results ?

Have you tried everything put still feel unhappy or unsatisfied ?

Are you interested in a lifestyle change that will give long term results ?

A 6 week Kickstart with the Epic Pro Fitness Community is about getting you started on a lifestyle change that will give long term benefits to your health, mindset and happiness. There is a good chance if you follow the program you will lose some weight, get more energy and find a supportive tribe but the most important result will be setting you up for a long term and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Kickstart includes:

  • 30 min individual Coaching and Goal Setting appointment
  • Rapid Bioscan body composition assessment at start and again at end of program
  • Access to unlimited weekly Indoor and Outdoor classes
  • No cancellations due to bad weather
  • Meal Plan
  • Before and After Photo’s ( optional )
  • Prizes
  • Free Wellness Workshop
  • Challenges
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Worksheets and Resources
  • Support via phone or email to Personal Trainer

Please contact us to find out when the next Epic Kickstart is beginning

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